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Corporate 7

Corporate 7, a project by Maaksons corporation located on main Gulberg Greens expressway. Location of C7 is ideal due to good proximity to Islamabad expressway and twin cities. The project is approved by CDA. Corporate 7 at a glance has an easy-to-access location that is desirable for a high-traffic business such as yours, and its interior can easily be personalised to accommodate the lobby, workstations, offices, meeting rooms, and cafes a business of your size would require. We believe that you will find most of the interior to meet your corporate needs as it is, reducing the cost of modification before moving in. C7 consists of 6 floors plus ground floor.  The Corporate 7 contains 5000& 2500 square feet of interior space that can be easily remodelled for any corporate organization. Amenities include automated lighting, central heating and cooling, 3 independent capsule lifts with key card activation and an independent lift for visitors.  VRF installed in the building. Automated offices to control VRF, lighting, curtains, and blinds. Corporate 7 has a dedicated all around car parking for its occupants. A complete corporate solution.

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